What is Connect Your One?

I am excited to tell you about a new initiative we are doing at The Fountain called Connect Your One.  The heart of our mission is to Connect People to Jesus for Eternity.  As a church, we want to see more people know the love of Jesus and receive the healing and life that he offers to anyone who believes.  God wants to use you to accomplish His mission here on earth.  We all want to see more people connected to Jesus, but we can sometimes feel intimidated when it comes to making that connection happen.  

Connecting people to Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes, it can start with something as simple as an invitation.  Imagine what would happen if one Sunday, every single person in our church were to bring one person with them to hear about Jesus.  If we all connected just one person to Jesus, we would see an explosion of people coming to faith and understanding God’s love for them.  

Sunday, March 6 will be Connect Your One Sunday. We are encouraging everyone to invite one person to join them for worship that morning.  Connect Your One is about so much more than a single Sunday morning.  On March 6, we will be able to see the kind of impact we can have when we all work together.  

We will spend the month of February praying and preparing for the people we are inviting.  The February sermon series will explore God’s heart for people and how he wants to use us to reach them.  We have put together this page with information to help you get started, to follow along with the February message series and it will continue to get updated as we journey to Connect Your One Sunday on March 6!

Today I am inviting you to join me.  Will you answer the call to Connect Your One?  I hope that you say yes.

Pastor Elliott

Next Steps

We have prepared 2 cards to help guild you thorough the process. (They have been mailed out or you can pick up at church) 

Invitation Card :  Use it to Connect Your One – inviting them to join you on March 6.  Check which service you will be attending.  The back of the card is blank to write in any other information.


Commitment Card : This card is for you – to help guide your prayers in the coming weeks. Keep it on your refrigerator or in your car as a visual reminder of your commitment to pray for your One and the complete event.


After inviting your one, we encourage you to visit the Connect Your One station in the Welcome Center.  There you will find a fun way to highlight how many ONES have been invited!

Want to participate if you are worshiping online with us?  Invite someone to watch with you, remotely!

Use the links below and invite someone by phone, text, email, or direct message on social!  You can still use the Commitment Card (mailed out) to pray for your One and the entire event.

Livestream Page : www.cometothefountain.com/live

Event Page : www.cometothefountain.com/events/connect-your-one-sunday (QR Code Below)

Facebook : www.facebook.com/FountainKville

Youtube Channel : FountainKville

Save one of the QR codes below and include your invitation :


Helpful Tips : 

  • Send them a reminder before worship – share that you are excited they are joining you, remotely!
  • Check in with your One after the service is over or during the week.

Sunday : Pray for the faith to extend the invitation

Monday : Pray for those invited to accept the invitation and come

Tuesday : Pray for hindrances to be removed

Wednesday : Pray for the Gospel to be preached clearly

Thursday : Pray for hearts to be open to receiving God’s love

Friday : Pray for people to believe and connect to Jesus for eternity

Saturday : Pray for our church to be filled with new believers in the weeks to come.

More Videos Coming Soon!
  • Offer to give your One a ride to church, that way you can arrive together. 
  • Tell your One to meet somewhere easy to find so you can sit together during worship.
  • Put yourself in their shoes!  Your One may have questions:  “What is the service like” or “what do I wear…?” 
  • Invite your One to lunch after or meet for coffee later in the week to check in.

We want the Fountain of Life property to reflect the care we put into our people.  Come out Saturday, March 5 from 8:30am-Noon (Before Connect Your One Sunday on March 6) for a property work day.  More information coming soon!

New Member Class

We would love for you to consider making Fountain of Life your church home. The first-century Christ-followers made a special commitment to a local church where they would gather to encourage one another, as well as to serve God and others. We urge you to do the same with us. A New Member Series is held during the Sunday morning Bible Class Hour (four consecutive weeks throughout the year) for your convenience. Whether you want to become a member or just learn more about The Fountain, this class is designed is for you. Please let us know that you are interested and we will contact you when we start a new class.

Sign Up for the Next Class:
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